The distance one travels to photograph is not so much measured in miles but in feet and sometimes inches. Such is subject matter.In the past, I carried a camera everywhere, strung over my shoulder or clutched by my side, just in case. Today, it’s an iPhone I slip from my pocket (along with some Canons). This is a view site, a library of my past with fifty plus years of experience and luck and fleeting opportunities that blurred by on the highway of life. In dreams they return. And then, some years have been just plain better than others.The other significant mention is since 2012, my spouse and I travel full time with a fifth wheel trailer. Our current home on wheels is 42 feet, pulled by a 1 ton dually. This has definitely expanded my world of subject matter. I transitioned to digital in 2003. Ironically that summer, I placed first In the fine art category during the New Mexico State Fair with a large darkroom fashioned print.  While the memory of those years in darkness and fumes still lingered, I managed to give away a complete darkroom last fall (2016 - Omega D3).  In boxes, waiting for some attention are cameras 35mm through 8X10, in storage, in Albuquerque. And also, there's enough developing equipment left to almost start over but I'm not so inclined. I like technology and adopted Photoshop from the very beginning. There's not much that slips by without a pass through the image editor. I'm reminded that a generation has come along that never rewound a roll of film. Then again I've never coated a glass plate negative either.