Creek Ice: Photos were taken from 1989 to 1991, all in Vermont and all on 35mm film. It was printing the grasshopper like image that I was inspired to continue and eventually create a series. I used a Nikon on a tripod with a 55 mm Micro-Nikkor and sometimes a longer lens with extension tubes and an old pair of rubber waders. The bests shots were more often taken standing in small creeks with the camera pointing straight down. Years later, I tried shooting ice with digital capture. I didn't look right or feel right. I think too much time had passed and something in me had changed. It was a completed project.


Some Trees: Trees, they’re hard to miss. Then again, it’s a subject almost too familiar, we literally stop seeing them. Well almost. There’s plenty of distractions out there. And that’s what I’ve looked for just driving around or hiking through a forest or trekking across the high desert of the southwest. I don't have a particular approach, although I like the loner. The one that's been waiting for me, they beckon. For this I’ve used all formats, 35, 120 roll and 4X5 sheet and mostly film.

Third Kingdom: The title, Third Kingdom comes from the system of biological classifications of life. Historically, the number of kingdoms has grown over time. There are 7 kingdoms, currently. There were 5 when I created this project and mushrooms was considered the third. This is definitely one of my favorite subjects; there small, quiet and don't move too much. I started in the early 90’s by bringing mushrooms into the formal setting of my studio. This had its pluses and minuses; controlled lighting vs a harvested life form ticking away. I finally went with shooting in the field. The bulk of material in this project is in digital capture, much of taken recently. My outdoor technique and approach has evolved over time with grooming the site, using large sunlight diffusers and most recently a 60mm macro lens.